Guidelines I.V.E.T.A.


  1. Any club considering running an event should advise the local Gardai.
  2. Check for other major events being run on the day in the locality.
  3. An event being advertised as a “Vintage and Classic Run” should not be opened to modern vehicles.
  4. When planning the route, you must take into account the amount of competent stewards needed and all stewards must be in place and wear high visibility jackets.
  5. There must be adjacent parking for all vehicles for loading and unloading.
  6. All vehicles must be insured and in safe roadworthy condition.
  7. Driver only on tractors.
  8. No attachments or implements attached to tractors.
  9. The run should be lead by a competent person.
  10. The lead vehicle to set the pace, be easily identified, and no other vehicle on the run is allowed to overtake the lead vehicle.
  11. During the run, travel in small groups and leave adequate space for other road users to pass safely.
  12. Road run must be accompanied by First Aid people.
  13. Run must have two fire extinguishers in place.
  14. At the end of the run, all vehicles must be parked safety and made secure.
  15. Any vehicle that breaks down must be moved to a safe place, repaired, or towed using a push bar.
  16. Before, during, and after the run, safety must be a priority.