Rolls Royce for June 9th

Come to our show on June 9th in Glencorrib . Have a look at Neil Fraser’s Rolls Royce (1929)

Neils has just published a book detailing the restoration , now available on ebay and amazon. Or buy it directly from Neil at the show .

The car has also been featured in the Rolls Royce magazine

Book Details

Ebay listing    223516334651               Amazon listing 9781916095502

This book is a collection of bi-weekly blogs and 247 photographs/illustrations of the rebuild of a very poor condition 1929 20hp Rolls Royce, chassis number GEN 33, which resided in a Devon scrapyard for many years after WW2 and, by a previous owner, pulled out of a 29-year barn hibernation, complete with ivy, rat droppings, straw etc.

The author / restorer, Neil Fraser, had never owned or worked on a vintage car in his life and decided to carefully document the details including 18 past owners, lists of the things to fix, 5 spreadsheets of all costs, main suppliers used, before and after pictures, along with information on the other 82 GEN series 1929 20 hp cars built at the same time. Neil found that car GEN 30 – GEN 36, 7 consecutive cars are still running in the world after nearly 90 years….

This home garage restoration book documents early pictures of the car, it’s vivid history and the many stories relating to her rebuild and the local tradesmen who helped bring her back to life.

Pages, 115 gms Silk A5 bound 210 x 148 Pure Perfect, Full colour with 247 Illustrations