RR :: Autumn 2017

Aug 2017

Four weeks ago, she was sent for blasting, looking rather rusty and worthless, but things have changed

NeilsRollsRoyce - RollsRoyce1929_NF_Part10_001.png10 main bolts later and she split like a pistachio nut to reveal a great chassis

NeilsRollsRoyce - RollsRoyce1929_NF_Part10_002.png

The rot in the right rear of the body was bad, so this way, she can be flipped over and worked in easily and we have no excuse to fix it properly. The decision to remove the body was Chris at the sandblasting shop, he wanted to do it right and got manual help to lift it is when I was there.

NeilsRollsRoyce - RollsRoyce1929_NF_Part10_003.pngNeilsRollsRoyce - RollsRoyce1929_NF_Part10_004.pngAfter several hours of careful blasting on the “bedframe” the results after priming were excellent. The engine didn’t need to come out, as there was plenty of room to get access and why remove a working unit, as I didn’t plan to strip it down anyway.


The roof upholstery specialist came to review the old roof and decide how best we can make a new sliding roof to march what was probably there 60 years ago. Not an easy task, as all the fittings were missing.

NeilsRollsRoyce - RollsRoyce1929_NF_Part10_005.pngNeilsRollsRoyce - RollsRoyce1929_NF_Part10_006.png