RR :: Winter 2018

RR :: Winter 2018

Winter 2018 :: October

Part 28 Oct 18

This past week, I was working in Rwanda, so the re-build slipped a bit. The painter is doing a great job, while we try to find the problem with the total electrical failure, non-starting engine and fitting indicators and wiring up for main / full beam headlights, as advised by the 3 RR guys who kindly passed by last month.  I have only 6 – 8 weeks to get these “teething” problems fixed, before the newly painted body is re-fitted, so short of time…and money as usual.  I calculated earlier today, all the rebuild costs inc purchase have now gone to €XX,XXX   About €15,000 above my original budget  !

NeilsRollsRoyce - NF_RR_2018_Back_end.jpg


Her “rear” is looking better, apart from a few dents here and there….

With bodywork progressing, time is needed to get the smaller bits fixed before the body is finally refitted:

1.      Instrument glasses on speedo and ammeter, replaced with proper bevelled ones €246

2.      Finish the wiring for indicators

3.      Move brake light switch

4.      Make a dashboard switch panel for headlight, indicator switch and respective warning lamps

5.      Fix the carb starting problems with new high-speed jet, air valve spring, brass covers for the jets and replacement 18cm stud on the air valve that broke off

6.      Two machined 115mm and 90mm spacers for the spare wheel mounting bracket

7.      Make a bracket for the battery lid

8.      Magneto HR lead, fittings and Paxolin tubing made up (all missing)

NeilsRollsRoyce - NF_RR_2018_Side_view.jpg



GEN 33 front is looking as before, apart from the serious welding on the front pillar

The dents on the top of the engine bay, all that will be fixed soon enough – I hope! The filling on the passenger top roof is serious filling, I would hate to ask how many fills were done, but what do you expect for a 90 year old lady …..

NeilsRollsRoyce - NF_RR_2018_New_Jet.jpg

Replacement High Speed jet and housing fitted.        New switch panel, with double lamination and varnish






NeilsRollsRoyce - NF_RR_2018_Switch_panel.jpgAt last the smaller items are getting finished off and fitted, only a few bits to finish before the yellow body is lowered into position……The full beam lights decided to fail on me, so 2 steps forward, 1 back…