RR :: Spring 2018

Part 17 :: End Jan 18

Note:  This rebuild has personally and emotionally cost me a fortune to date, money I don’t have, so before perfectionists start saying this isn’t the right bolt, why did you use that xxxx”, this is a car that was pulled from being scrapped, to get her running and looking OK but not absolutely perfect. If the repairs are not to your liking and you want to donate money to her full refurbishment to “contours” standard, please send donations to nfraser@eircom.net via PayPal or be pleased she was saved from being scrapped and say no more


NeilsRollsRoyce - RR1929_17b_20171228_143423.jpg

NeilsRollsRoyce - RR1929_17b_20170821_093852.jpgJust a few before and after shots to remind me how poor she was.  A few hours with my furniture restorer, James and she was back to brand new condition….


NeilsRollsRoyce - RR1929_17b_20171216_144851.jpgThese are the new bonnet panel stop bars, fitted to the front chassis, copied from the old oxidised and very rotten parts, probably cost €800 – €1,000 to re-make but making an amazing front end to the car.



The angle grinder is a vicious tool, cut quite deep but I waited till I finished the wing grinding till I pulled off the glove to inspect “my damage”.  Starting to heal well after 4 weeks.

NeilsRollsRoyce - RR1929_17b_20171228_114822.jpg

The woodwork in the rear passenger driver wheel arch was really poor, woodwork, wet rot and neglect


Part 18  Feb 18

Some Old V New (OVN) pics
NeilsRollsRoyce - RR1929_17b_20171216_144851.jpg
Bonnet base plate
NeilsRollsRoyce - RR1929_8_20180109_134230.jpg
Battery box lower support
NeilsRollsRoyce - RR1929_8_20180105_161857.jpg
Bonnet latch and spring
Brake return springs
NeilsRollsRoyce - RR1929_8_20171222_193238.jpg
Front wing support bracket
NeilsRollsRoyce - RR1929NF_13_20170904_172112.jpg
Bonnet hinge pins












NeilsRollsRoyce - RR1929_8_20171231_141923.jpg
Rolls Royce Enthusiast Club kindly loan out specialist tools

Brakes rebuild:

The Rolls Royce Enthusiast Club kindly loan out specialist tools to members for the many repairs that are needed to keep these cars on the road, only charging postage. For the front and brakes, there were up to 7 specialist tools needed to service them, 6 were kindly supplied by RREC, weighing in at 15 Kgs.

NeilsRollsRoyce - RR1929_8_20171231_141831.jpg


It took several hours to strip them down, finding a few wee problems along the way:

  1.  One Return spring missing
  2.  Another spring broken
  3.  A further spring not anything like strong enough, looked like something from a ball point pen
  4.   Four nuts missing out of 12, on the rear hub
  5.  Main linings down to rivits in places
  6.   Split pins missing from all 12 nuts on the rear brake locking plate


Luckily, I found a lovely guy, William in Bellewstown to re-line the lot for €240 on next day service! – See the supplier details for his contact info.

NeilsRollsRoyce - RR1929_8_20171231_141831.jpg