Dog show results

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The following are the results of the Dog Show

Thanks to Neil Fraser / Michael Carr

Dog Show sponsors Quinns , Redmills , and Gaines .

Special thank you to Orla for judging on the day

2019 Class 1st 2nd 3rd
Dog Name
Puppy Michella Morley Kaydin Breda Hicks
Dog Samy Nel Hugo
Toy Michella Morley Shauna Mcevney Hanna Morrin
Dog Ash Teddy Ted
Utility Emily MacDonald Hanna MacDonald Leah Toher
Dog Chico Hugo Oscar
Working Hany Merzouk Isabell Archard
Dog Ece Anya
Gun and Hound Bernhard Marchietti Petra Marchietti Emily Walsh
Dog Leroy Barnaby Odie
Pastoral Elesapeth Haggans Hany Merzouk Michella Morley
Dog Ringo Ece Jasper
Mixed Dog Mary Mcnama Emer King Sophie Mcostello
Dog Sketch Sandy Bear
Best Girl Handler Michella Morley Emily Macdonald Clauday Gaersz
Dog Ash Chico Shakira
Best Boy Handler Josh Morgan Mcdonald Aoila Moran
Dog Chico Hugo Bealy
Take home dog Mellie Torher
Dog Charly
Best Woman Handler Elesapeth Higgins Kaydean Breda Hicks
Dog Ringo Nel Hugo
Best Man Handler Hany Merzouk Pat O’Brien Lio
Dog Ece Rod Ted
Best in Show Bernhard Marchietti Elesapeth Higgins
Dog Leroy Ringo
Reserve of Show of above 1st’s

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