Bit of Craic ?

Coupla photos from previous events and outings , in case ye are stir crazy

Photos__LD - Glencorrib_LD_2019__0434.jpg
Any chance the BOG is cancelled !
Photos__LD - Glencorrib_LD_2019__0418.jpg
A steam engine and Neil’s engine producing steam


Photos__LD - Glencorrib_LD_2019__0353.jpg
Richard McGagh in the middle and Martin Ryan on the right (me)


Photos__LD - Glencorrib2019_LD__0247.jpg


AutoJumble - 2019AutoJumble_LDonoghue_1380.jpg
Paul Gibbons in the background , Pat Fahy on the right //// no idea who the other lad is 🙂


AutoJumble - 2019AutoJumble_LDonoghue_1329.jpg
Vincent’s girleen


00_SEPT16_AchillRoadrun - LD_092018Achill__0322.jpg
No idea !!!


00_SEPT16_AchillRoadrun - LD_092018Achill__0321-copy.jpg
The usual suspects on a shkite


LiamDonoghue - LD_2018show__9636.jpg
Pa Martyn and David whatshisname !


LiamDonoghue - LD_2018show__9414.jpg


LiamDonoghue - LD_2018show__9360.jpg
Joe Flanagan and Stephen Halloran
LiamDonoghue - LD_2018show__8128.jpg
We’re sound , the army is landed
fbook - Glencorrib_2018_0610_140420.jpg
One night only ! Tommy “hide the chainsaw” Tiernan